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"DELLER Safety – heat exchanger“ – SAFETY FIRST –

Double tubes and double tube plates create a safety space that functions as a buffer. The safety space ensures that in the event of a leakage there can be neither mixing nor contamination of the media guided on the pipe and jacket sides. This gap is usually empty and can be monitored in the pressure or vacuum range.

The safety space is created by hydraulic expansion of the inner pipes to the inner profiled outer pipes. The maximum metallic contact between the inner and outer tubes is maintained and the capillary safety space is limited to the size necessary for the function.

Alternatively, the heat transfer can also be optimised by using a neutral liquid in the safety space. If a leakage occurs, the pressure in the safety chamber increases and causes an optical or acoustic alarm signal. The repair or replacement of the heat exchanger can be planned, an emergency shutdown is not necessary.

DELLER safety heat exchangers can also be manufactured with a drawable tube bundle and are therefore extremely service-friendly.

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