Milestones of our success:

  • 1926: Deller GmbH is founded. Production of small containers begins.
  • 1948: Manufacture of the first heat exchangers.
  • 1969: For the first time, heat exchangers are manufactured from stainless steel.
  • 1984: The company works for the nuclear industry for the first time and proves its high technical know how.
  • 1991: Deller GmbH celebrates its 65th anniversary. At the same time, the first safety heat exchanger is developed and delivered.
  • 1998: Deller GmbH develops and manufactures its very first pharmaceutical and sterile heat exchanger.
  • 2011: Patent application related to a special grid structure for super-compact heat exchangers.
  • 2011: Construction of a first power plant heat exchanger with highly efficient rifled tubes using the super-compact construction method.
  • 2017: Acquisition by BAVARIA Industries Group AG, owner of Hering AG in Gunzenhausen, among others.
  • Today: Knowledge – Power – High Impact: As part of the BAVARIA Industries Group AG the affiliates Deller GmbH and Hering AG combine industry-specific solutions for heat exchangers.